Die Fledermaus

What do you do if, like cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eisenstein after a botched operation, you have to go to prison? You go for one last proper party. The best option would be Prince Orlofsky’s party, stomping ground of artists and high society. Here everyone is pretending to be something they are not: Dr. Eisenstein flirts as “Marquis Renard” with a Hungarian countess — oblivious, however, that hidden behind her mask is his wife Rosalinde. Naturally the champagne is to blame — or perhaps the “bat” a.k.a. Dr. Falke, who wants his revenge on Eisenstein for an earlier humiliation…

The most famous of Johann Strauss (1825-1899)’s Viennese operas is brimming with champagne spirit, sparkling irony and musical ideas, and has enjoyed enduring popularity since its premiere in 1874. Hits like “Mein Herr Marquis”, “Glücklich ist, wer vergisst” or the watch duet continue to delight audiences, while at the same time the double standards of a pleasure-hungry society are ruthlessly exposed. Holger Potocki, whose recent engagements include highly successful stagings of “La Vie parisienne” in Hagen, “Die Zauberflöte” in Magdeburg and “Jekyll and Hyde” in Halberstadt, brings this dynamic comedy to the stage with his own script in a modern, fast-paced version full of humour and dripping with irony.

Musical Director
Johannes Braun
Chorus Director
Mikko Sidoroff
Holger Potocki
Lena Brexendorff
Lighting Designer
Andreas Rehfeld
Dorothee Harpain

Gabriel von Eisenstein
Marvin Zobel
Judith Kuhn
Prince Orlofsky
Emily Lorini
Peter Aisher
Michael Lion
Bartosz Araszkiewicz
Dr. Falke
Christian Huber
Dr. Blind
Dirk Mestmacher
Francesca Paratore
Laura Incko
Laura Incko
Francesca Paratore
Stephan Mertl

Chorus of Landestheater Coburg
Extras of Landestheater Coburg
Philharmonic Orchestra of Landestheater Coburg