Peter Grimes

Borough, a small village on the wild east coast of England: the fisherman Peter Grimes is accused of killing his apprentice. Due to a lack of evidence, he is eventually cleared – but the villagers remain suspicious and avoid him from then on. Including Captain Balstrode and the teacher Ellen Orford who loves him and whom Peter Grimes wants to marry. But when Grimes’ second apprentice also dies, the rumours that Peter Grimes is a murderer grow and an angry mob sets off towards his cabin.

Benjamin Britten’s (1913–1976) first opera, which premièred in 1945, is among the most successful pieces of music theatre of the 20th century, and established his claim as England’s most important composer of opera since Henry Purcell. With expressive, atmospherically dense orchestral sounds, he portrays in the symphonic interlude the moods of the sea just as powerfully as the emotions of the inwardly broken outsider Peter Grimes, who longs for acceptance and belonging and can’t cope with his surroundings.

Vienna-born director Alexander Charim was awarded the Nestroy Prize in 2016, and is equally at home in theatre and in opera. Recent work has taken him to theatres including Hanover State Opera, Bielefeld Theatre, Osnabrück Theatre as well as the Hans Otto Theatre Potsdam.

Roland Kluttig
Mikko Sidoroff
Alexander Charim
Stage Designer
Ivan Bazak
Costume Designer
Aurel Lenfert

Peter Grimes
Roman Payer
Ellen Orford
Olga Shurshina
Captain Balstrode
Michael Lion
Kora Pavelic
Bob Boles
Peter Aisher
Bartosz Araszkiewicz
Mrs. Sedley
Emily Lorini
Dimitra Kotidou / Laura Incko / Francesca Paratore
Ned Keene
Marvin Zobel
Rev. Horace Adams
Dirk Mestmacher
Jan Korab

Philharmonic Orchestra of Coburg State Theatre
Chorus of Coburg State Theatre
Extra Chorus