The Cousin from Nowhere

Everybody knows one or two tiresome relatives whom they “prefer to see the back of”. This is exactly the case for the young and beautiful Julia de Weert: not least when it comes to her guardian, the gluttonous Uncle Josef, who is visiting with his wife Wilhelmine (“Wimpel” for short) in order to sell her the idea of marrying his nephew, August Kuhbrot — and to make sure that her fortune stays “in the family” as a result. But Julia only has eyes for one man: her cousin Roderich. He set off seven years ago for “Nowhere”, a city in the Indian Ocean, and hasn’t been heard from since. At that exact moment, two strangers appear, who each claim to be Roderich — but which one is the right one?

Before every Jack finds his Jill in this comedy of mistaken identities, there’s mockery, teasing, trickery and romance aplenty, all to the rousing rhythm and sumptuous melodies of foxtrots, tangos and waltzes. Hits like “Strahlender Mond” or “Ich bin nur ein armer Wandergesell” established Eduard Künneke’s reputation as a grand master of German operetta, alongside Franz Léhar and Emmerich Kálmán.

Director Jörg Behr has previously worked at theatres such as the Oldenburg State Theatre, Semperoper Dresden, Augsburg State Theatre, Stuttgart State Opera and regularly directs at Freiburg Theatre. He will bring this operetta to the stage with his trademark detailed character direction and subtle humour.

Roland Fister
Jörg Behr
Marc Weeger

Julia de Weert
Laura Incko
August Kuhbrot
Peter Aisher
Francesca Paratore
Dimitra Kotidou
Roderich de Weert
Jan Korab
Josef Kuhbrot
Michael Lion
Egon von Wildenhagen
Dirk Mestmacher
Wilhelmine Kuhbrot
Eva Maria Fischer
Servant Hans
Sascha Mai
Servant Karl
Martin Trepl

Philharmonic Orchestra of Coburg State Theatre