The Princess and The Pumpkin

“Princess wanted! Pea-princess, no thanks!” is written on a sign on the castle wall. After the prince meets the famous princess of princess and the pea fame at the wedding of the neighbouring prince, one thing is clear: there is no way that such a prim and prissy princess is welcome in his castle! Encouraged by the sign, two princesses try their luck, but the prince is so unfriendly that, despite the efforts of his servant Drachenschreck, they soon run for the hills. Until one night a princess turns up who manages to fall asleep lying on a pumpkin…

After the great success of his symphonic fairytale “Alice in Wonderland”, Roland Fister and the multiple award-winning author Heinz Janisch once more invite audiences on a humorous and playful journey into the world of make-believe. In the process, the typical clichés of princes and princesses, of servants and maids, are turned upside down. Loaded with quotations from Vivaldi to Strauss and deploying the entire wealth of orchestral colours, Roland Fister brings to life characters like the hopelessly infatuated servant Drachenschreck and the totally grounded pumpkin princess. The piece is staged by young director Ilaria Lanzino, who enchanted young and old alike with her imaginative production of “Wonderland” in the previous season.

Musical Director
Roland Fister
Ilaria Lanzino
Emine Güner
Dorothee Harpain

Die Prinzessin auf dem Kürbis
Laura Incko
Miranda / 2. Frau
Kora Pavelic
Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse / 1. Frau
Dimitra Kotidou
Der Prinz
Peter Aisher
Leupold Drachenschreck
Simon van Rensburg

Philharmonic Orchestra of Landestheater Coburg